I'm changing the site up a bit.  The latest site news is now just the latest news.  I plan to use this for a place to put links to things I've read, seen, like, etc.  Some may make the home page some may not.  This way this section may get more use. 
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These are thing I have for sale. 

 There is a dollar or two mark up on these items.  Most you could create yourself but the reasons you should buy this stuff is...

1. It's cool

2. You don't have to spend the time creating it.You can spend it making stuff I want to buy.

3. You're supporting this site and its projects.

  Lunar Pad

This is an organized sketch pad for over 150 lunar observations. The organization of the pad is an important feature. Entry to mid level amateur astronomers attempting to complete the Lunar 100 or the Astronomical League's Lunar Club Program can benefit from this sketchbook. This sketch pad is organized by the quadrant the feature resides in, and in order of visibility from the new moon. This results in less time researching when an object is visible, allowing for more observation time. Another important feature is the preprinted feature details. These help save time by eliminating redundant labeling in a sketch pad, while also giving the observer more information for the object. There are pre-labeled fields for observational data along with a place for sketching the feature in both waxing and waning phases.There is also time-saving charts for location, instruments, and magnification reference.