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Written by DeadGekko   
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 00:31

I have some ideas for "Kinetic Sculptures" for lack of a better term.   The first thing for these sculptures is that I don't want them to run on batteries or require a electric socket. Another requirement is that its based on weights not springs.  So for a proof of concept I went looking for a clock work escapement.  Of course there are lots of these.  So, since for some strange reason I have Lego's sitting around I tried to find Lego escapements to see if I could build one that worked.  Well I found multiple Lego clock references but most required parts I didn't have readily at hand.  Except for this one.  I had tried making my own and various other escapements I had found, so upon finding this one it was more incorporated into what I had started than copied one for one.  So here is what I ended up with.



Yes, that is a mini rubix cube as the weight, cerca 1980's.  The big bonus is that this is based on Galileo's escapement.  Just for that fact, since I don't have to keep perfect time, I will use his version.  It is much more ascetically pleasing for my ends.  Here is a video of it going.



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