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Written by DeadGekko   
Thursday, 27 August 2009 00:00

I know, I know. I never finished the London Reports.  Really I do intend to get back to them.  This time I'm trying to go for the keeping up with the current trip.   So that brings us to the eminent road trip.  A week long pilgrimage to the Galileo telescope on display in Philadelphia at the Franklin Institute.


I have a few other stop on the trip to spring on the blog as they come.  Also I have a new tool (toy) to talk about to make the trip progress possible.  So there is a lot to come as long as I can find WiFi spots along the way.



The only gripe I want to through out there is it states there is no photography of the exhibit.  Now I understand flash photography is not wanted, and could hurt the items.  I understand it might be difficult to make silly people turn off their flashes.  But a entire ban on photography seems overkill.  I know from experience the Brits have no problem with photography in the museums.  I was even a little perturbed when in Britten they could take pictures of the traveling Tut exhibit but in America we couldn't.  Is this a power play from "them", the producers,  the copyright holders, the ones that make the guide books.  Just to top it off in the Smithsonian magazine article about the exhibit they have a pic of a guide/curator shining a flashlight on the telescope it self.


How is a few photos gathering available photons with no flash going to hurt.  Well that's my gripe with US exhibits, and their seemingly unequal access.


No more griping almost time to road trip.  Got to finish packing and get out of here.





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