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Written by DeadGekko   
Saturday, 13 June 2009 21:37

Well I figured out tonight what was up with my scope.  I pinched my main mirror when I put the mirror back in the holder.  I had collimated it correctly twice.  After searching the net by images I found some that looked like what I was seeing.  This lead to the explanation of pinched optics.  I've read many articles on cleaning a mirror and collimating.  I don't remember anything warning about pinched optics.  This seems a great oversight.  So here is my warning, be careful about how tight you fasten down your primary.  I don't have any images to show.  Though I can say that the heart shaped out of focus image  is the tell tail sign. 

This site has a great collimation how to and includes an image of pinched optics.  Wish me better luck next time.   Hopefully tomorrow I'll get everything right.

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