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Written by DeadGekko   
Friday, 15 May 2009 20:07

I got the Box!. 



Read on to see what is in it, what I took, and what I put back in.  I am fishing for the next recipient. If your interested let me know.

 Here is what I was greeted with on opening the box.  Unexpected but cool none the less. I do like skulls.



Now the contents.



The contents exploded. If you click on this image it will take you to Flickr where the notes are on the objects them selves.


The short from right to left, top to bottom.   Project Case, Cell phone, 2 Pagers numbers only, Power cord, Motorola v3 Cell with busted LCDs , Kids Sesame street game, Key Fob Project Case, POV thingies, More power transformers, Little Blinky Ball, Pushes on and off, The outside carcass of a trailer light adapter., Happy B-Day from a music card, IBM power cord marked Bad?, Big Wire, MAX 2511EE Chip (2), DS1881z Chip (2).

 A good selection.


Ok, I have to admit the first thought was I'm keeping it all MMUUAHHHAHAHAHHA!!!!   But that wouldn't be fair and not in the spirit of the box.  So I only took what I knew I would use.




I took one pager and the key fob case.  One is already in parts on my desk for the next project.  (info to come) the other is just right for a project in my head.   So I hope these items are happy to be upgraded from junk to projects.   


Ok, what did I add?



The circuit board from behind a car radio face.  Lots of buttons lights and a display thing to play with.  Fully intact CD mechanism from a cd/radio.  PS2 Mouse, ball style. 2 digit 7 segment led display,  red in color.  M74als138n  3 to 8 line decoder / Demultiplexer (2).

I just hope you know how hard it was to give these up but I can actually say these are things I saved specifically because of their usefulness.  Oh and thought the CD drive components are all there (two motors, gears, laser, etc) the decoder chip is on the main board of the radio which in its disassembled state is now fixed and the currently used radio in my barn.  The CD required the case to function which is what failed on this unit.  Also the little display and multiplexers are new unused parts, FYI. 


So I hope I have supplied some good parts to spur a project in the future.


Lastly since the booklet in the box had blank pages in the back, kinda like a passport book.  I decided to add a "stamp" to it.  May be this could catch on.  



Well that's my write up.   I hope this box has many great journeys. Keep up the good karma and keep the boxes moving.  I know it's hard to resist but don't let them become part of your permanent collections.  They want to be free, let them go.


I am waiting on a response from the first potential recipient.  Updates to come.

You can follow the status of the box or others at This box is called Gray-E.  Also you can add your self to the request list.



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